Parkour is a training discipline using movement and obstacle course training. Students will learn to get from one point to another without assistive equipment and in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Training will include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and flipping off different obstacles. Our Parkour Program is split by skill level. All students will start with our basic level for their appropriate age. Level progression will then be based on skill only. With each level more advanced obstacles and skills will be introduced. Read more about these under classes.

We offer 4 levels of Parkour. Each level has been developed to focus on the progressive needs of students to ensure a healthy and efficient learning environment. Scroll down for a description of each level.


Level 1 - Introductory
This introductory level focuses on the foundations of parkour including exercises in:

  • quadrupedal movement
  • balance building
  • grip strength
  • cardio and endurance
  • plyometrics and calisthenics
  • flexibility

Ages 5+

1 Hour


Level 3 - Technical
This technical level uses emphasis on technique to develop better understanding of movement and introduce:

  • application of skills from level 2 over harder surfaces
  • rotational and double vaults
  • multi directional wall and rail movements

Level 3 also introduces the three basic flips while using many guidance tools and soft landings from the ground up until students can perform them safely.

Ages 5+

1 Hour


Level 2 - Elementary
This elementary level uses emphasis on spatial awareness over soft surfaces to focus on fundamental parkour movements including:

  • safe ways to fall
  • proper weight placement
  • strides, bounds, and precision landings
  • mastery of essential vaults and their simpler forms
  • climbing up and down walls safely
  • using walls to carry, redirect, and continue momentum

Ages 5+

1 Hour


Level 4 - Advanced
This advanced level focuses on complex movement including:

  • advanced flips and twists
  • basic martial arts tricks
  • combinations of two or more movements
  • flow through improvised lines of continuous movement
  • aim to express confidence and proficiency with all personal movement choices

Ages 5+

1 Hour




5-9 Basics                    4:30-5:30

10+ Basics                    5:30-6:30

L2                                      6:30-7:30

Adult Basics 15+        7:30-8:30


5-9 Basics                      5:00-6:00

L2 10-14                        6:00-7:00



5-9 Basics           5:30-6:30

10+ Basics         6:30-7:30

L3                        7:30-8:30


   L2 5-9                   5:30-6:30

10-14 Basics         6:30-7:30

L2 10-14               7:30-8:30


5-9 Basics          5:00-6:00  

L3                     6:00-7:00

L4                     7:00-8:00


5-9 Basics               10:00-11:00

 10-14 Basics         11:00-12:00



Parkour Birthday Party

$185 (up to 10 guests)
$220 (11-15 guests)

$255 (16-20 guests)
$290 (21-25 guests)

$87.50 Non-Refundable deposit


  • Private use of facility for up to two hours
  • Table settings
  • Juice pouch provided for each child
  • Trained coaches to lead activities and games
  • Set up/clean up done by staff
  • Balloons for everyone

Time Slots

  • Saturday 12:30-2:30
  • Saturday 3:00-5:00 or 3:30-5:30
  • Sunday 2:30-4:30



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