Quest Gymnastics and Extreme Sports Center

offers all levels and ages the opportunity to excel through the sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and control. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, chest and Abdomen muscle groups. Alertness, precision, daring, self-confidence and self-discipline are mental traits that can also be developed through gymnastics. Gymnastics includes exercises that include skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and from circus performance skills.

Here at Quest Gymnastics, we offer a wide variety of classes for ages ranging from toddlers to teens.

Tumblin Tots
This is an unique and energetic program offers a variety of physical activities and fun-filled Obstacle courses and stations designed to challenge students in a fun and safe environment. Our goal is to teach basic physical skills while fostering each child’s confidence and self esteem. Activities include individual challenges and age appropriate obstacle courses for all stages of development

Walking-Age 3

45 minutes 


Fun 4’s
FunTastic 4’s involves a variety of activities related to traditional gymnastics. Basic skills are fostered with a HUGE emphasis on fun and participation. Classes are taught in a non-competitive environment where all children succeed despite ability levels. This class will take your child out of the pre-school area and into the recreational area of the gym. As their confidence grows, they will be introduced to new and more challenging skills while emphasizing balance, coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility.

 Age 4

1 Hour


GymKids will take your child to the next level of traditional gymnastics.  In these classes students will focus on skill progression, along with balance, coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility beyond what they have learned in FunTastic 4’s. In this class your child will start putting together skills sets in order to build upon what they have learned throughout the session.

Age 5

1 Hour


Beginner Girls
This all girls’ class is for ages 6 and up. These classes are designed for the first time and or novice gymnast. The areas of focus in this class are body shaping, balance, coordination, muscle endurance, flexibility, and conditioning. Along with this comes basic skill work on all four women’s gymnastics events of vault, bars, beam and floor.

Ages 6+

1.5 Hour


Advanced Beginner Girls
This all girls’ class is for  the gymnasts who has passed the skills for beginner girls. This class will work on skills to forward them into the next level. The areas of focus in this class are body shaping, balance, coordination, muscle endurance, flexibility, and conditioning. Along with this, they will use their basic skills to work on all four women’s gymnastics events of vault, bars, beam and floor

Ages 6+

1.5 Hour


Intermediate Girls
This class is the next stage of development within our program. In this class the girls will continue to perfect and connect the skills they all ready know and in addition will then start integrating new skills on top of their old skills in order to start putting skill sets together. They will focus more on the aspects of conditioning, flexibility, balance, muscle endurance and body shaping.

Ages 6+

1.5 Hour


Advanced Girls
In our third installment of our girls’ recreational program, your girls will continue to perfect current skills as well as building into new skills on their way to our competitive program. Areas of focus are conditioning for each new skill, flexibility for leaps and jumps, balance skills on floor and beam, along with dance elements for floor and beam, and muscle endurance and body shaping for each skill learned.

Ages 6+

2 Hours


Tumble 1
Students in this class will learn the basics of tumbling. The emphasis of this class will be on BASICS. Handstands and cartwheels are our primary focus along with other basic tumbling. This class is for those students who are just beginning their cheerleading careers or are at a novice level.

Ages 5+

1 Hour


Tumble 2
Students in this class will take their skills to the next level with primary focus being on round-offs and back handsprings. While perfecting their current skills and techniques they have learned in Tumble 1. This class will still incorporate a lot of basics; however, students will progress back handsprings and jump tumbling combinations. This class is for those students who are at the intermediate level of tumbling.

Ages 5+

1 Hour


Advanced Tumbling
Students in this class should have a strong background in tumbling or have completed Tumble 2. Round off back handsprings will be perfected. Front/Back tucks will be introduced as well as layouts. As students progress their skills they will begin tumbling series and twisting.

Ages 5+

1 Hour




Fun 4’s                       4:30-5:30
Tumblin Tots           5:30-6:15

GymKids                     4:30-5:30
Beginner Girls           4:30-6:00
Beginner Girls           6:00-7:30
Special Needs  5:00 -6:00
Adv. Beginners Girls  5:30-7:00
Intermediate Girls   6:30-8:00   

Tumble 1  6:00-7:00

Tumble 2  7:30-8:30


5-9 Basic 4:30- 5:30
10-14 Basic 5:30-6:30
L2   6:30 -7:30
Adult Basics 7:30-8:30


Tumbling Tots’s     5:30-6:15

Adv. Beginner Girls  6:00-7:30
GymKids                     4:30-5:30
GymKids                        6:30-7:30
Beginner Girls               4:30-6:00
Special Needs.       5:00-6:00

5-9 Basic 5:00-6:00


Tumble 1 6:00-7:00


Fun 4’s 6:00-7:00

Beginner Girls           4:30-6:00
Beginner Girls       6:00-7:30
GymKids                          6:00-7:00
Adv. Beginner Girl     4:30-6:00
Intermediate Girls             6:00-7:30

Adv. Tumble        6:30-7:30
Tumbling 2       5:00-6:00

5-9 Basic  4:30-5:30
10+Basic 6:30-7:30
L3. 7:30-8:30


Morning Classes
Tumblin Tot’s   9:15-10:00

Fun 4’s              5:00-6:00
Fun 4’s               6:30- 7:30
Tumble Tot’s   5:30-6:15

Adv. Beginner Girls   5:00-6:30
Beginner Girls         5:30-7:00
Intermediate Girls   7:00-8:30
Advanced Girls      6:30-8:30
Tumble   1    4:30-5:30
Tumble 2       4:30-5:30

L2  5-9   5:30 -6:30
10-14 Basic 6:30-7:30
L2    10-14 7:30-8:30


Open Gym
Open Gym         3:30-5:00
Parkour Basic 5-9 5:00-6:00
L3 6:00-7:00
L4  7:00-8:00


Tumble Tot’s 9:00-9:45
Fun 4”s         10:00-11:00

Beginner Girls     9:00-10:30
Adv. Beg Girls    10:30-12:00

5-9 Basic 10:00-11:00
10-14 Basic 11:00-12:00



Kayla Smith

Girls Recreational Coach/Quest Elite Cheer Coach

Hannah Apple

Girls Recreational Coach / Preschool Coach

Jenny Lingerfelter

Girls Recreational Coach / Preschool Coach

Maddy Tamplin

Girl Recreational Coach

Jade Delaney

Girls Recreational Coach / Tumbling Instructor

Chianne Poffenberger

Level one Team Coach/Head Cheer Coach/ Tumbling Instructor


                                                                     Carla Amburgey

Pre-School Recreational Coach / Office Assistant

Megan Goettemoeller

Special Needs Gymnastics Coach

Rick Reedy

Beavercreek High School Gymnastics Head Coach / Tumbling Instructor


Gymnastics Birthday Party

$185 (up to 10 guests)

$220 (11-15 guests)
$255 (16-20 guests)
$290 (21-25 guests)

$87.50 Non-Refundable deposit


  • Private use of facility for up to two hours
  • Table settings
  • One drink provided per child
  • Trained coaches to lead activities and games
  • Set up/clean up done by staff

Time Slots

  • Saturday 12:30-2:30
  • Saturday 3:00-5:00 or 3:30-5:30
  • Sunday 2:30-4:30

* Parties can be booked for children walking to 15 years old.
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